Syndicated Analytics For Healthcare

HIK is How I Know

With Patients as the true focus of healthcare, HIK provides Patient-as-Consumer engagement opportunities which connect healthcare organizations (manufacturers, payers, and providers) directly to patients and return actionable, data-based insights to healthcare organizations, including direct-to-consumer, permission-based, marketing programs and information.

HIK takes a modern approach to data, analytics, and technology and exclusively serves the healthcare industry, including life sciences manufacturers, payers, practitioners, and health systems. We believe patients, as the ultimate consumer, are the primary drivers of healthcare business. Our products and services are specifically designed to provide visibility into the world of the Patient-as-Consumer.

HIK has three major areas of focus.
1) Influence of payment options upon access to healthcare, especially from third-party payers.
2) Patients’ treatment decisions and paths.
3) Innovative mechanisms providing intelligence into healthcare costs and coverages.

Join HIK as we use innovative applications, analytics, and artificial intelligence to evolve healthcare’s Patient focus by generating value for healthcare organizations through creating relationships between customers and businesses.